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Fit & Sizing

With so many vendors in our mix creating a one-size-fits-all size chart would not only be impossible it would be misleading and incredibly frustrating for you. Take a look at the photo below. I've lined up the left hand side seams and left hand shoulder points so you can see the fit variences. THESE ARE ALL SIZE LARGE shirts that I carry in the shop.

Fit page.jpg

See what I mean? The fit varies considerably across the chest and across the shoulder. Even the slope of the sleeve is going to effect the fit across the shoulders and the front of the chest.


Each vendor we carry has their own idea of how a garment should fit. I have tried to take this into account in the fit comments I’ve made for each garment. So, for the sake of trying to guide you I’m breaking down my tops into (mostly) three general fits:


Relaxed = For big, solid guys or someone who wants more room to move around. Lean guys size down a size.

True to size = My definition of true. Fits most average Joes.

Trim = For the lean dude or someone who wants a more contemporary fit. Bigger guys size up a size.

I hope this helps.

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