When Filson jumped into the luggage category in the mid '80s this was one of their original bags. They got it right the first time. Inside there are two large sleeves (each could hold a slim 15" laptop) along with smaller pockets for business cards, pens, glasses, cell phone, etc. Outside are two sleeve pockets to hold stuff you might need to get to quickly. It's a no-frills bag made from heavy cotton twill that's dry waxed for some water repellency. It comes with a sturdy harness leather shoulder strap. A classic, useful piece that any owner should incuded in their will.


  • Constructed in the USA using imported materials

Filson Original Briefcase

  • Dimensions

    16" L x 4" W x 12 1/2" H

    13 liter capacity

  • Care and feeding:

    No soaps, no solvents. Just cold water and a stiff brush if you need to chip something off of it. In fact, don't clean it. Let it tell your story.