Why We're Doing This

Hey you guys,

I hope you're all well and staying safe.

The shop is going to be closed until who knows when so, I'm starting a website (with help from our daughter) as a stopgap until we can re-open. 

What you’ll see on the website won’t represent everything I have in the shop. I just wanted to get this up and running so we can work out the bugs. I’ll be adding more items as I get the hang of this so please check back from time to time.


Normally when someone starts a web business they buy for it up front; lots of product and lots of units behind each style, size and color. We’re doing this bass-akward. We’re just trying to sell what we bought for our 500 square foot shop for this Spring and Summer season.  To say quantities are limited is an understatement. I don’t bring this up to create a false sense of urgency in a I-can’t-sleep-so-I’m-watching-a-half-hour-long-infomertial-about-the-latest-kitchen/tool/adhesive-gizmo-that-at-3:24-in-the-morning-is-starting-to-make-me-feel-like-how-have-I-gotten-along-all-this-time-without-that-in-my-life-and-hmmm-they-just-said-quantities-are-limited kind of a way. No, I bring it up because we honestly aren’t too deep in any of these styles. So if I run out I probably won’t be re-ordering. In fact, if I run out please go directly to the vendor and order from them. They need help during times like these too. BUT, I’d sure appreciate it if you’d make us your first choice.  If the response to this website looks encouraging I’ll take another look at keeping it going.

Sorry about all the verbage above but as those of you who have been in our shop know it just wouldn’t be a Red River Mercantile experience without me being long-winded.


So, if you haven’t been able to make it to Santa Fe lately here’s what I thought you might like or find useful.


Thanks for taking a look.


Warm regards,